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Dorm Room Incident

Posted by Storm on July 3, 2012 at 9:40 PM

Years ago, while I was attending college, I had a couple of interesting incidents.

I have a bad habit of always losing my keys. To help me keep track of the keys, I placed a hook by the door, so I had a place to hang them as I came into the room and find them as I left.

The hook was at a 45 degree angle facing the opposite wall.

My girlfriend and I had gone to the room and relax between classes. We had just sat down to talk, when the keys came flying across the room towards the window.

The keys didn't fall to the ground. They flew across the room which was about 14x14 towards the window and hit the radiator.

For reference we'll assume that as I come in the room the keys would be hanging on the West side of the room. Facing the East side. The door is the North side and the Window is the South side. In other words, the keys  had to first lift upwards, then flew South instead of East.

This was the beginning of other strange occurances which happened throughout the year. Mostly of things disappearing or being moved from where we had placed them.

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