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Posted by Storm on July 4, 2012 at 12:35 AM

About 25 years ago, I was dating a nice woman. We'd been dating for awhile and were living together. We'd only been living together for about six months when she had a very interesting experience.

She had gone to the grocery store to do some shopping. While she was there, she saw "me". Which she thought was strange because she couldn't figure out how I could have arrived at the store before her. Especially since we only had one car and she was driving it.

She tried to approach "me" but everytime she got close "I" would disappear around an aisle or move away from her. She finally caught up with "me" in line and talked to "me".

She said that "I" was aloof and didn't talk much to her. Just answered some basic questions. She was very puzzled.

What puzzled her was that I was dressed up but wasn't wearing any clothes she had seen me wear. I looked like I was going to a business appointment. I was wearing an expensive gold watch that she didn't know I owned.

Then "I" told her it was nice speaking to her and walked out the door. She watched me leave and get into a slate blue colored BMW car and drive away. Now she was puzzled.

She went home and found me as she had left me. Still wearing the same clothes and no BMW car. She wanted to know who's car I had been driving?

Having no clue what she was talking about I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about. Which only made her mad. Then she wanted to know where I had been going?

I tried to tell her that I hadn't been anywhere. She had the car and I hadn't moved from the spot I was in when she left. She was now convinced that I was lying to her. The madder she got the funnier I thought the situation was. Which didn't help matters any.

When I finally got her calmed down she explained to me what had happend. She was convinced it was me. I couldn't convince her otherwise.

About a day later, my sister called me wanting to know when I had purchased a BMW. She knew that I didn't care too much about cars and hated driving and wanted to know why I would buy a BMW?

I told her she was nuts. I hadn't purchased any car. I still had the Skylark I'd had for the last two years. Then I remembered what my girlfriend had told me. I asked my sister for additional information about the occurance and if she was sure it was me.

Indignantly my sister told me that she should know what I looked like. She was positive it was me. She could tell from the back because of the way I walk. When I turned, she saw my signature dark glasses. The way I carried my wallet in my front pocket instead of the back. The only thing different was that she thought was strange was that I looked older and had silver hair along the temples. She hadn't noticed this the last time she had seen me but this time it struck her as odd.

I personally never saw this doppleganger but my girlfriend saw him on three other occassions. One of which he had come into the small retail store she worked at. Smiled at her and walked out. Two friends also claimed to have seen this person and swore it was me.

One good friend, Chuck, said that he had talked to "me" and "I" had even paid for lunch. The BMW car seemed to be the thing that caught their attention the most.

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