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Investigation Photo's

The Investigator taking these pictures using IR therefore no flash and in Bursts of 3 shots at a time. Please note the right side of last two pictures.

~First Picture~

~Second Picture~

~Third Picture~

Private Residence Investigation

This picture was caught at a private residence using a strapless camera with a Flash


Private Residence Investigation

This picture has been the subject of great debate by the team. This picture was taken of a empty house, the only people on the property was the home owner her daughter and two SWGF investigators, which were all outside standing together.


OF NOTE: The above picture has been compressed to allow placement on website but should give an idea of what you are looking at. These rails are approximately eight feet off the ground please note the results of zooming in on the object



This picture was taken during a private home investigation 


These images were taken at a place that SWGF has the honor of being the Very First to investigate




These Pictures were taken at the Haunted Hotel In Piedmont Missouri. When these pictures were taken it was not known to the team that a psychic had picked up on the energy of a man with a hat in the very room these pictures were taken in! Note the shadow over the investigator! Remember Investigators take pictures in a series of 3's What do you think?


  Photo #1  Nothing Unusual


Photo #2 Nothing Unusual

Photo #3  Do you see what we see? What do you think? Unusual?


Photo #1 Nothing Unusual

Photo #2 Again do you see what we see? Unusual?

Photo #3 Nothing Unusual

Clayton House Unusual Pictures

The photos were taken at Clayton House Fort Smith Arkansas. There is a table in front of the mirror with nothing on it except the teams equipment bags. Nothing White on the table, In fact in the first image you can see the end of the black bag closest the mirror!

Photo#1 Original Picture Untouched and Unedited

Marked Version to help you see what we see

Cropped and Zoomed version No other editing


Photo #2 Original Picture Untouched and Unedited

Cropped and Marked Version to help you see what we see



Due to numerous request we are reposting the ghost picture from Arcadia.

This picture was obtained during one Southwest Ghost Finders earlier hunts 

with founder Kim Luney and former founders Charolette Johnson & Jayne Donovan.

This picture was taken in a presumably empty room, there were no living Children on the property.

This is the original untouched

This is the cropped and Lightened version but no other changes were made